• Fiber Disc VSM XF870 5"x7/8" 125х22mm grain 120

Fiber Disc VSM XF870 5"x7/8" 125х22mm grain 120

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Fiber Disc VSM XF870 5"x7/8" 125х22mm grain 120
Resin fiber disc, manufactured on multi-layer, heavy duty vulcanized fiber, coated with the famous VSM Ceramic Grain abrasive.
Sheet material: Abrasive sheet index: XF870. Bonding: resin over resin. Top sized.
Ceramic grain fiber discs are the toughest, longest lasting metal removal products.
Ceramic abrasive disc maintains high volume cut rate with minimal additional pressure.
Cool cutting technology with reduced heat emission and increased performance.
Reduced grinding time, less operator fatigue, increased productivity, less disc changes. Overall - significantly reduced cost as a bottom line.
Self-sharpening characteristics of Ceramic Grains provide high stock removal rates, and long disc life.
Ideal for intense aggressive grinding. Heavy duty jobs. The best disc of them all for deburring and blending welds.
Milder grit, grain 120.
VSM product. Made in Germany.
Dimensions: d125xd22x1.2 mm
Weight: 21gr

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