About Us

BULCAN is supplier of industrial grade abrasive tools and accessories for them. Materials and tools are highest quality coated abrasives, fabricated from world leaders like VSM - Germany, Eisenblatter – Germany, Deerfos - Korea, Bibielle - Italy, ARC - USA, Koltec – Switzerland, Smart-Koltec Switzerland – Bulgaria, TBlok – Bulgaria, a number of high quality worldwide suppliers and fabricators from China.

Abrasives are basically intended to satisfy works required for fabrication metal structures, designs, machine parts etc. particularly with accent to stainless steel. Abrasives offered are also suitable for productive and efficient treatment of large variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, wood, plastics, fiberglass, composites, epoxies, fillers and primers and many others. We have variety, covering power grinding, sanding, preparation, finishing, fine finish, repairs and surface blending. Best abrasives for stripping, cleaning, deburring etc.

Our basic goal is to supply shops and factories with best abrasives and grinding-sanding-finishing choices, individually tailored to specific needs, production and working conditions, even to operator’s individual sleight of hand and temperament in order to achieve best quality and productivity results with best bottom line under highest safety. Discs are covering mostly hand held grinders and angle grinders up to 6” (150 mm). Belts are made any size and material.

Under your inquiry we will advise you after careful studying and consideration for most suitable choice of abrasives and technological regimes, suited to your production and design requirements of processed work pieces.

Belts are being produced under specific customer’s orders. They are made from same world best coated abrasives fabricators with most famous brands equipment and adhesives under strict technology conditions and control. Thus any size, quantity and belt material shall be covered, from smallest to largest. Any work-piece material on any abrasive belt equipment can be treated with belts chosen under specific order to specific industry – from hand held devices, to shop and factory machines and to high volume metal plant production lines.

Email:  bulcan.mail@gmail.com