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Bulcan Professional Abrasives offers a number of coated abrasives with different grain, coarse medium fine grit. Resin fiber discs high productivity long life. Non-woven abrasives, Z-WEB abrasives, nylon mesh abrasives, 3D abrasives, mesh porous nylon structure - strip and clean discs. Zirconia – alumina, zirconium, ceramic, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, resin fiber discs, fiber discs, sanding discs. Thin cut off discs bonded abrasive discs. Quick change abrasive sanding discs Roloc Type R , quick change discs 2” and 3” . Quick change discs Rollock, Rolok. Hook & loop Velcro sanding discs. Zirconia – alumina, sanding discs Zircon Aluminum. Non-woven abrasives 2” and 3” coarse medium fine grit. High quality flap discs different grain. Unitized discs aluminum oxide AlOx and silicon carbide SiC.

Variety of back pads, backing pads, backer pads for Hook & Loop Velcro Discs, for Fiber Discs. Back pads for sanders and orbital sanders. Cool flow backing pads. Mandrels with shanks for quick change abrasive sanding Discs Roloc Type R. Mandrels for discs with a hole. Backing pads for electrical angle grinders to hold Roloc Type R quick change discs 2” and 3”. Backing pads for pneumatic grinders and pneumatic angle grinders to hold quick change discs Roloc Type R 2” and 3”.

We offer abrasives, largely focused on metalworking industry suited mostly for metal, particularly but not only ferrous alloys like steel, stainless steel, special steels, cast iron, exotic alloys and titan alloys. Following operations are typical: weld removal, deburring and flash removal, metallic surface finishing, surface conditioning, surface polishing, surface blending. There are available thin cutting discs Saturnus brand, Germany. Made in Germany flap discs high quality coarse medium and fine grain. Resin Fiber Discs for sanding and quick change abrasive sanding discs Roloc Type R with rich variety of grains, cut from highest quality coated abrasives VSM Made in Germany, a number of Fiber Discs and quick change discs Roloc Type R cut from coated abrasives Deerfos Made in Korea. Non woven abrasives are ARC, made in USA and Bibielle made in Italy. Backing pads are Koltec / Smart Koltec made in EU Bulgaria and Switzerland. Shank driven backing pads and mandrels are high quality made in China.

Coated abrasives in our stock are suitable for large variety applications in automotive industry, garage and auto body shop and painting works, construction, paint and rust removal, painting jobs, painting preparation. Suit fine for large number application in woodworking, fiberglass works, marine and yachts works, in construction, cement and concrete works, rust, dirt and paint removal.

Coated abrasives in our stock are professional essentials for any single metal working plant, factory, shop and personal home. They cover everything from heavy, aggressive sanding jobs to finest surface blending operations. Abrasives ensure highest productivity, quality and sanding discs longest life with constant productivity and eventually lowest labor, energy and discs cost.

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