SCDisc Rollock Type R 3" (75mm), ARC-Coarse (brown)

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SCDisc Rollock Type R 3" (75mm), ARC-Coarse (brown)

Surface Conditioning Material Disc 3" (75mm) Type R. Coarse grit - for more intense and faster sanding. 

Open, non-woven nylon web, impregnated with abrasive grains. Surface Conditioning Materials are among latest and increasingly popular abrasives.

Provides the desired finish with controlled material removal. Very wide, universal application range.

Ideal for paint and rust clean-up, deburring, surface blending and conditioning.

Great performance on variety of cleaning and finishing jobs on steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, titanium and other ferrous or non-ferrous alloys, fiberglass, wood, plastic, paint jobs, etc.

Fits Rollock, Roloc Roll-on Type R and other similar technology backing pads.

Plastic key (button, butt, lock) is top-strong, friction-welded to disc. Material suppliers: ARC - made in the USA.

Best on hand held angle grinders and other high speed grinders. Can be used on drills as well. For corresponding backing pads see: Discs Accessories. 

Dimensions: 76x17mm

Weight: 12.5gr

Max speed 14000rpm

Colour: brown

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