• Disc Rollock Type R 3"x1/4"  75x6mm AlOx Unitized - M

Disc Rollock Type R 3"x1/4" 75x6mm AlOx Unitized - M

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Disc Rollock Type R 3"x1/4"  75x6mm AlOx Unitized - M
Roloc Rollock quick change 3" disc Type R of unitized abrasive material plates. This is tightly pressed non-woven material impregnated with Aluminium Oxide abrasive grains. Particularly designed for blending and finishing surfaces. Great on all metals and alloys, composites, plastics etc. Excellent on stainless steel.
Suits for finishing jobs in deburring flashings, threads, sharp edges, blending metals and their alloys, painted surfaces. Particularly destined for finishing of automotive and aircraft parts. Long lasting abrasive with indispensable requisites. 
Medium grit.
Unitized plates material: Bibielle, made in Italy. Disc product of TBlok, made in Bulgaria
Dimensions: d75x14mm
Weight: 25gr

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